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My name is Anthony Michael Villanueva. I’m an aspiring writer and this is my website.

Before venturing into the realm of words and pages, I was an anesthetist, a nurse anesthetist, in both military and civilian worlds. I loved anesthesia and I thought I was pretty good at it. I could write many a story about my experiences and anecdotes. Some day I might even do  that; but for now, I write of other things.

I thought anesthesia was challenging until I dove into the world of writing, especially fiction. There is so much to write about. But what is it that the public wants? What is the the going trend or the favorite flavor of the year? Is it Zombies? Wizards? Vampires? Adolescents in the ever ubiquitous utopian worlds? God only knows what publishing houses want.

For me, it’s easy. I write what I write. Quod scripsi, scripsi.

My first endeavor, Javelin Thrower, is an altered historical fiction novel. It is a saga of a young, raw recruit in one of Pompey’s legions during the time of the civil war. (The premise is the time tested: When one door closes another one opens). As I state in my preface, the well-read student of history will note that my history is not as one would find in history books; nor is it intended. I altered the tapestry of that part of history for the sake of creativity and for the challenge of bringing it all around to resemble something some history buffs might be comfortable with. In my opinion, the concept is not much different than what was done for Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, King Arthur, and The Eagle (to name just a few). A most recent example of a fantastic read is Lonon Smith’s Wise Men.

The following book after Javelin Thrower is entitled Pilate’s Demon. It’s on the darker side of the first book. (The premise is: Demons are real). The sequel to Pilate’s Demon (not yet titledis near completion. (Its Premise : Mortality is a curse in search of a cure).

In subsequent pages other themes will be posted, including short stories and essays.

(As a personal note, I wish to thank Joe Burns for bringing the site back on line after a catastrophic failure of the first edition.)

Coming soon in May 2024: The Relic. September 11, 2001. Burnt and broken, a Vatican priest is found wandering in the World Trade Center’s debris field. He lets it slip that he was on one of the planes; now he has to hide, for he has other secrets.